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Automatic Faucet Will Not Shut Off

The automatic faucet is the best product of the FontanaSensorFaucets brand that works with sensor technology. It shuts off and on due to IR sensing technology. It works smoothly, but if any clog or leakage occurs in the connection, the automatic faucet will not shut off properly. So you first need to check the interconnection and fix the problem. Check the aerator by turning on the flow and remove the clog. You can soak the aerator into the vinegar to remove the dirt from it. If everything is alright there. But still, then there is a problem in water flow, then you need to check the solenoid valve. The trouble in turning off may be due to leakage in the solenoid valve. The other reason for the low water issue is debris in the valve. Turn the water off from the main supply, then open the faucet and clean the debris.

Fix it again and now check whether it is working or not. If the valve is free from debris, and you still face a shut-off issue, then there may be water leakage, then change the solenoid valve. The main problem due to which the faucet won’t turn off is the fault in the handle. If the handle has an old washer stem or stripped one, then the faucet will not shut off. Replace the handle with a new seat or free from stripping issues. There may be some problem in the stem of the handle, so the best solution is the replacement of the faucet or its handle.

HighTech Automatic Faucet Will Not Shut Off