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Automatic Faucet Materials

Automatic faucet materials are the latest modern addition to the beauty of your residential and commercial places. The purpose behind their manufacturing is to keep customers safe from germs and other pandemic diseases. Fontana sensor faucets brand is a well-known company that offers high-quality and contemporary automatic faucets in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. These are perfect for heavy traffic in a commercial for use places including public bathrooms, restrooms, kitchen, and also for residential use. These automatic faucets have high-end sensor technology that automatically detects the presence of the hands under them.

The high-quality material such as chrome, metal, and bronze used in their construction makes them reliable and durable for use. Furthermore, these touchless faucets have IR sensor technology and a built-in strainer for high-performance delivery. These faucets have sleek finishing. Some have chrome finishing, and some have oil-rubbed bronze and gold finishing that gives them a cool and long-lasting appearance. The spout is usually of copper, zinc, or brass. The eye-catching modern look makes them the first choice of customers for decor. They are powered by AC110V and DC6V, along with 4A batteries for the power supply. They facilitate the customers with cool and warm water from a single spout with a water pressure of about 10-125 psi. You can control the water temperature via a pressed button and check the temperature on the small display screen. The working guarantee of these faucets is for 3-5 years. These automatic faucets are easy to install and fit all US plumbing.

HighTech Automatic Faucet Materials