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Discover our full range of soap dispensers & sanitizers. The soap dispensers and sanitizers are made of brass construction and are designed to give years of performance and quality looks. They are available in wall mount and free stand style.

FontanaSensorFaucets offers a range of soap dispensers and sanitizers for customers who are in search of high-quality and contemporary features in bathroom fixtures. On this platform, you can find a diverse range of bathroom fixtures in a variety of finishes, styles, and features. For both commercial and residential settings, these products are designed to offer perfection and finesse. You can find both contemporary style and classic bathroom fixtures, bound to satisfy the taste of all customers.

In its commercial soap dispenser and sanitizer collection, FontanaSensorFaucets has brought a number of brass soap dispensers and sanitizers, designed to promise both durability and style. You can find soap dispensers and sanitizers in both wall- and deck-mount styles. These automatic soap dispensers eliminate the need to make any sort of contact with the fixture when using its modern sensor technology. The elegant silver appearance is bound to match perfectly with any other bathroom fixture and any bathroom interior design and colour scheme.

The solid brass construction of these soap dispensers and sanitizers guarantees durability and longevity, while their touchless technology makes them highly convenient to use. Additionally, with no need for contact with the device, there is no risk of contamination and spread of germs, especially in a commercial setup. The elegant brushed nickel finish makes it very easy to maintain and clean since the surface remains relatively spot-free. These bathroom fixtures are the ideal choice for both commercial and domestic bathrooms because of their durability, excellent quality, convenience of use, and modern features.

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Lyon Chrome Automatic Soap Dispenser Lyon Chrome Automatic Soap Dispenser
Retail Price: $690.91
Sale Price: $515.54
Carpi Deck Mount Polish Gold Electronic Soap Dispenser Carpi Deck Mount Polish Gold Electronic Soap Dispenser
Retail Price: $621.00
Sale Price: $515.57
hand sanitizer dispenser walmart Lyon Chrome Automatic Soap Dispenser
Retail Price: $591.47
Sale Price: $534.06