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Auto Soap Dispenser

We are passing through the pandemic era, and during this situation, it is necessary to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy. We know our faucets and soap dispensers are a significant cause of the spread of diseases. Therefore, people have come up with the auto soap dispenser that not only facilitates the user with a healthy environment but also gives a luxurious lifestyle with its convenient use. These automatic soap dispensers are available in different styles and finishes that enhance the beauty of the place and give an elegant look to the restrooms and commercial kitchens. One of the most important things is that these dispensers come with the latest technology that makes their use more convenient and easy. The infrared sensor immediately detects the presence of the hand under it. The standard button comes with Ai technology, and it allows the user to adjust the amount of liquid flow and saves it from overflow. The infrared sensor gets activated when it detects the infrared energy emitted from the respective body heat under its range.
Types of Auto Soap Dispensers:
These soap dispensers are basically of two types; wall-mounted and deck-mounted. But you will get a lot of options in color, material, and finishes.

1. Wall-Mounted Auto Soap Dispensers

These auto soap dispensers are installed on the walls or near the sinks so that people use them efficiently. They give a stylish look to the residential and commercial bathrooms.

Fontana Naples Commercial Wall Mount Auto Soap Dispenser

This auto soap dispenser comes in wall-mounted style and gives an impressive look to the place. It is the best option for customers to provide an elegant appearance to the commercial restrooms along with hygiene. The polished gold finish gives it an appealing appearance, and the nickel-brass body makes it durable and long-lasting. This anti-bacterial soap dispenser is free from touch and has an infrared sensor for fluent performance. It is powered by AC 220v And DC 6V. It has a lifetime of about 500000 cycles. You can adjust the quantity of liquid soap dispensed in each pump. It reduces the germs and bacteria transfer, and its features make it quite different from others.

2. Deck-Mounted Auto Soap Dispensers

These soap dispensers are installed on the deck or sinks. These are suitable for commercial and industrial areas.

Marsala Minimalist Modern Brushed Nickel Sensor Soap Dispenser

It is one of the most demanding products of Fontanasensorfaucets that is specifically designed to deal with heavy traffic. Its solid brass construction makes it the first choice for commercial use. It is available in battery power and optional power, and you can adjust the amount used from 0.5 ML to 1.5 ML in it. You can change the flow of the liquid and sensing range through remote control. You can install it above the sink or in the sink vicinity near the faucets.

Where to Use Auto Soap Dispenser

These auto dispensers are the perfect choice for commercial and residential use rather than manual ones. You can purchase them for restrooms, hotels, hostels, office buildings, and other commercial areas. They also give an elegant and luxurious feel, along with a healthy lifestyle.
Auto soap dispensers are the perfect choice for commercial use compared to the hand soap dispensers as you will not need to touch them. Fontanasensorfaucets is a renowned brand that focuses on the products' quality and performance. They offer durable and unique products for their users. So you will not get disappointed by choosing an auto dispenser from there.