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Arduino Automatic Faucet

For a long time, technology has been present in our homes. It was only a matter of time until it was used to fulfill basic hygiene needs in bathrooms and kitchens. The most advanced automatic faucets can now wash our hands without requiring us to touch them for even a second. They don't itch after the first wash and don't create a mess on the sink.

The Arduino platform has grown in popularity among those who are just getting started with electronics and for a good cause.Arduino is an open-source electronics platform that makes it easy to use by utilizing minimal hardware and software. Thousands of projects, ranging from simple domestic items to complex scientific apparatus, have used Arduino throughout the years.A revolutionary intelligent faucet design measures the body's temperature before the waterfalls in the pipes sensor and acts accordingly. The faucet was created with an Arduino Uno Microcontroller and a temperature sensor to operate two water valves and mix the appropriate amount of hot and cold water to match the body temperature.

Measure the distance between the distance sensor and the hand with an Arduino Uno first. If the distance is less than 20 cm, the solenoid valve will open and start the water flow. Otherwise, the solenoid valve will be turned off. An electromechanical valve, such as a solenoid valve, is a form of electromechanical valve. Simply said, a valve will open or close only when the appropriate voltage is available.

HighTech Arduino Automatic Faucet