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Antique Brass sensor faucet

Best Touchless Antique Brass Sensor Faucets that are Built to Last !

A sensor device is the best option for those who want a quick and reliable automated bath plug for cold water only. It's simple to build, deck installed, one hole. The antique texture of the brass allows it an elegant finish. The concrete disc cartridges and the solid brass frame and the beam material ensure a long-lasting free service period. It comes loaded with configuration tools and setup guidance. These products are dedicated to delivering best features, designers pledge consistency in every specifics; this bath vanity hood consists of sturdy zinc alloy frame, German plastic valve and result copper connectors to prevent leakage, oxidation and corrosion, making it a reliable and convenient option for you.

The faucet is highly opaque, has a mirror-like look and stays light for life, making it easy to open or avoid water from pouring out of the nozzle. It's simple to install and arrives with comprehensive instructions and versatile pipe connectors. Combining content and technology are appropriate rotary valves allowing our customers to operate smoothly. The chromium coating has excellent resistance to corrosion, rusty and scratch susceptibility and is easy to clean. No scratches and no water marks are not there to give you an ultra-comfortable experience.

It does not need plumbing skills or complicated equipment, you can mount and then use the automated sensor bathroom sink faucet without any time; if you've a 3-hole under mount sink, the provided deck cover could be used to cover other gaps for stabilization installation and improved visual effect.