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Amazon Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

Bid farewell to germs and filthy hands with an advanced, hands-free automated touch less soap dispenser designed for daily usage. Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser from twisting nether Modified Design! The Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser now has a greater 8.5oz (255ml) potential for much more washing and less refilling.

Otto's dual LED signs illuminate when the electricity is turned on and when the battery is running low. Its specific sensor and faster motor speed enable it to dispense soap or sanitizer in 0.2 seconds. The advanced sensor technology dispenses a predetermined volume of liquid soap – not that much, really not little – reducing pollution and saving you money on product prices. Otto's latest and updated system has a drip-free spout, which eliminates clutter and waste. Because of its wide funnel and high volume, it needs less frequent and time-consuming replenishing. If the blue light illuminates and you hear the pump but the wash does not distribute after connecting the batteries, consider dumping the soap into a different tub, then filling the pump with hot (not boiling) water and allowing it to rest for 5-10 minutes.

Place your hand in front of the motion sensor again and again until the water begins to flow freely. Now, drain the water and re-soap the pump. If you think that the soap you bought is too thick, consider adding some water to thin it out. The Otto Automatic Soap Pump cannot be used for foaming hand soaps, spray sanitizers, or soaps containing exfoliants.